Biophysics Australia Seminar Series

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The BASS is held semi-regularly on zoom, with talks from local and international experts in biophysics, broadly defined. The goal of the series is to highlight interesting current research and concepts in biophysics and quantitative biology, and to foster an active community amongst up-and-coming Australian biophysicists and inter-disciplinary researchers. Major areas of interest are single cell biology, emergent phenomena, modelling of biological processes and enabling technologies.

Upcoming talks

Past talks

Helge Ewers

Helge Ewers

Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin

: 23 Sept 2021
: 4:00:00 pm AEST
Simone Reber

Simone Reber

Humboldt-universit├Ąt Zu Berlin

: 12 Oct 2021
: 5:00:00 pm AEDT
Yamuna Krishnan

Yamuna Krishnan

University Of Chicago.

: 25 Nov 2021
: 11:00:00 am AEDT